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A Journey To Your True Self. Reconstructive workshop for Women

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Discover Your True Self: transforming Reconstructive workshop for women

From the ordinary to cosmic wonders | Drop the limitations of the past

We warmly invite women from every corner of the globe to join us in Riga for an extraordinary event led by the renowned Carola Castillo. Returning to Europe, Carola brings her expertise to guide women through a unique journey of self-discovery. This seminar will be conducted entirely in English, providing an inclusive experience for all participants.

                Are you tired of attending seminars with notebooks full of notes but unable to implement these changes in your life? Here will be real action and transformation! Carola Castillo, in a safe environment and in a very simple, clear, and effective way, guides towards deep change.

More than 10 years ago, Inese Zuļģe studied systemic intelligence in organisations in the Netherlands. At that time, she met a woman who looked tired of life and it showed in her appearance. After some time, returning to the Netherlands, Inese met this lady again - she had transformed to the point of being unrecognizable - she looked full of life energy, glowing and 10 years younger. Inese asked her - what did you do? What happened? This lady introduced Inese to Reconstructive practices led by the original author of these practices, Carola Castillo. And now we are having this workshop in Riga! Simple, clear, effective and feminine 3 day journey towards opening your strength, finding answers, and transforming your life. The stories are what we have in common with humanity.

What is Reconstructive?

Reconstructive is a method authored by Carola Castillo which explores the broader aspects of human consciousness and subconsciousness. Reconstructive, seen as the next-generation methodology following systemic constellation work, delves much deeper, reaching beyond the realm of the mind. This approach is often used by people seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, their lives, and who wish to develop their personal potential.

In her daily practice, Carola teaches her methods to Spanish-speaking audiences all over the world, however, this is a unique opportunity where she will lead a 3-day practice in English and in Riga!


About the power of Reconstructive practices that we will work with:  

●      Memories are important, but they don't define who we really are. Through Reconstructive, we can free ourselves from the limitations of our memories and experience unlimited consciousness.

●      Consciousness is something sacred that resides in each of us. Through Reconstructive we can learn to connect with our consciousness and live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

●      Are you looking for something more in life? Reconstructive practices can help you expand your perception and discover new ways of seeing the world.

●      Are you ready to experience a new reality? Reconstructive helps you understand your thought patterns, beliefs, and habits so that you can live a more authentic and satisfying life.

●      Have you ever wondered who we really are? Through Reconstructive practices we can discover who we really are.

Some refer to this workshop as a truly shamanic experience, after which life becomes different. Centuries-old plant ritual results and knowledge can also be accessed under the guidance of a master through Reconstructive Practises. Some refer to this workshop as the process of opening the human soul.


Plan for the 3-day Reconstructive

1st day, June 14th, Friday 13:00-20:00

●      Discovering your belief systems that come from family, culture, religion, education.

●      What happened in your life from 0-6 years old and what put your miracle-filled child in a frame?

●    What does your body say? How to become more aware of yourself beyond your physical form and grow through this consciousness?

●      How to healthily integrate your inner child into your life together with your inner adult?

2nd day, June 15th, Saturday 10:00-18:00 and 3rd day, June 16th, Sunday 10:00-16:00

●      Defining and working on your most important issue.

●      What are the things we have acquired as our individual defense mechanisms?

●      What unconscious memories still reside in us, in our roots, and hinder us from living an authentic life?

●      Who are you in this world? What still can you become?

●      Working with feminine archetypes and initiation into the next stage of life and opening your true strength.

Join us and rediscover who you really are! 


About Carola Castillo


●      Medicine woman, anthropologist of the soul, walker of the earth and sister of life.

●      Director and founder of the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School.

●      Creator of the Reconstructive therapeutic tool, an evolutionary step based on the expansion and learning of processes beyond consciousness.

●      Creator of the "Integral Coaching" program according to the model of the RIIHS school.

●      Author, international speaker and facilitator. School teacher, psychology student, systemic therapist, pioneer in the Family Constellations according to Bert Hellinger.

●      Creator of the "systemic steps and figurines" tools for use in individual sessions with consultants.

●      Specialist in Systemic Coaching tool in counseling for organizations and companies.

●      Master in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Doctor and Minister of Divinity by the Universal Life Church.

●      Director and founder of the Bert Hellinger Institute of Venezuela since 2001.

●      Co-founder of the Bert Hellinger Institute in Pittsburg, USA.

●      Author of "Echoes of the Past", a current text for students in the field of systemic therapy, "Picu", a children's shamanic tale, and "The Way to the Magic", the work that empowers women through an intimate text that opens spaces and stimulates the senses.


About Inese Zuļģe


●    Internationally recognized in her field, obtained qualifications in both the USA and Europe. She employs the latest scientific methodology tailored to each individual. She believes that it's crucial not only to know what you want from life but, more importantly, to discover what life wants from you.

●      Highest medical education obtained at Rīga Stradiņš University.

●      Studied International Economic Relations and Management at the University of Latvia.

●     Mastered the theory and practice of systemic phenomenology at the Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands for work with organizations, families, and somatic symptoms of the body.

●   Also, acquired knowledge in various spiritual practices, including 2 years of ancient Eastern teachings at the Unity Academy in India.

●    Certified in QHHT, Transpersonal and Systemic Coaching, Reconstructive work, Theta Healing, and Reconnection.

●For the past six years, have been a facilitator at the International Reconstructive School https://reconstructiveschool.com/en/home/

●      She utilizes methods such as QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), integral coaching, systemic coaching and Reconstructive methods.


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