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Ce 29.06.2023 19:00
Paavli Kultuurivabrik, Tallinn
Haken, the British progressive rock band known for their complex rhythms, intricate arrangements, and powerful vocals, is set to perform in Tallinn on June 29th. 
The band, consisting of lead vocalist Ross Jennings, guitarist and keyboardist Richard Henshall, drummer Raymond Hearne, guitarist Charlie Griffiths, bassist Conner Green, and keyboardist Peter Jones, has developed a devoted fan base around the world with their innovative and exciting music, blending elements of metal, jazz, and classical music.
Haken has released eight critically acclaimed albums, each distinct from the rest, but tied together by their incalculable time signatures, fearless songwriting, and majestic vocals. The band's 2010 debut album "Aquarius" gave British prog a sorely needed lifeline, while their 2011 album "Visions" pushed the melodies and scope even further, setting the stage for their breakthrough album "The Mountain", which united the best traits of Gentle Giant, Metallica, and Soft Machine in one swipe.
Haken's music has continued to evolve, with their 2016 album "Affinity" featuring '80s synths, while the conceptual duo of "Vector" and "Virus" aggravated their heavy metal leanings to invigorating levels. Their latest album, "Fauna", released in 2023 to universal praise from fans and critics alike, is their most genre-busting and conceptually fascinating album to date. The premise of the album was that every song would have an animal assigned to it, and each track has layers that connect to the human world.
One of the singles from the album, called “Taurus”, was written in honour of Ukraine. “The song’s lyrics were written roughly at the same time we all started hearing about the devastation and crisis happening in Ukraine,” said lead vocalist Ross Jennings. “I was already writing the piece based on the annual migration of the wildebeests with strong references to people travelling in herds and strength in numbers. Suddenly I realised I had an anchor for what the song could be about and knowing this gives it all the more emotional weight; We’re all on some sort of journey towards salvation or enlightenment. Sometimes out of choice or not, we need to leave the past behind us and make new beginnings. We only have each other, and belief and hope are our strongest allies.”
The concert in Tallinn will feature songs from Haken's extensive discography, including tracks from their latest album "Fauna". The band's music is a must-see for fans of progressive rock, and Haken promises to bring their unique sound and energy to Tallinn for one night only.
Haken’s Tallinn concert will take place on June 29th, 2023 at Paavli Kultuurivabrik. Ticket information can be found at Piletilevi sales points and online store.
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Haken Ce 29.06.2023 19:00 Paavli Kultuurivabrik, Tallinn 33.70 - 38.70
Pasākums Haken
Datums / Laiks Ce 29.06.2023 19:00
Norises vieta Paavli Kultuurivabrik, Tallinn
Cena 33.70 - 38.70
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Norises vieta
Paavli Kultuurivabrik
Paavli 7, Tallinn Tallinn Igaunija
Live Nation Estonia OÜ
Live Nation Estonia OÜ
Staapli 4-33 Tallinn 10415 Harju
Vien. Reģ. Nr.: 10676276
Pasākums Haken
Datums / Laiks Ce 29.06.2023 19:00
Norises vieta Paavli Kultuurivabrik, Tallinn
Cena 33.70 - 38.70
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