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Bedford Falls (Ge) / Tamada (Ge)

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One of the most famous musical acts from Georgia, Bedford Falls, has long gained a loyal following and is backed by a prolific discography that incorporates various styles and genres. The band is well known for its melodic songwriting, quirky lyrics and bass-driven energy, as it often alternates between melancholic atmosphere and a full-blown party mode.
As a special guest on stage will appear Tamada.
Swirling between the worlds of electronic music and old Georgian tradition. Tamada takes his name from the toastmaster and table host at any Georgian feast. Hand raised with a goblet of wine, stories, songs, and toasts on his lips. Determining the atmosphere at a feast as surely as a DJ determines and creates the atmosphere on the dance floor. His lyrics resemble toasts in ancient Georgian, touching on current social issues and romantic sentiments. Tamada mixes many musical directions, acoustic as well as electronic and traditional Georgian music. He christened this distinctive new style Deep Duqan. Tamada is still searching and experimenting, an ongoing process that is unlikely to end.


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