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SISTERS ON WIRE - MAŽEIKIAI/ Žemaitijos dvarų festivalis

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One of the most popular Lithuanian groups SISTERS ON WIRE invites you to visit the western part of Lithuania - Samogitia for their TOP concert this summer. The event will be held in Mazeikiai idistrict in the beautiful park of the ancient manor of Renavas (just 182 km from Riga, 28 km from Mazeikiai). You can also visit the manor, which was built in the nineteenth century by the noble Antanas Rione. Please come one hour before the concert if you want to see around!

Founded in 2015, the quartet composed of fascinating and talented members, gathers fans in Lithuania and the world, conquers scenes and has participated as „a band to warm up the audience" for world-renowned musicians such as "A-ha" and others. The first Lithuanian-language album „Taip Jau Gavosi" (It Happened Like That) quickly became a favorite in the repertoire of parties, playlists, holidays, events and festivals.

I've been listening to this song non-stop for two years. In my opinion, it is the best of all. I love the prominence and expression of Ieva Šcerbinskaitė. No words... Of course, I didn't understand the song, but the voice is super awesome, and the music is splendid!! God bless you guys.”, - thousands of compliments have written and continuing writing after listening the groups’ hits as Mėlyna mėlyna” (Blue blue), Taip Jau Gavosi” (It happened Like That) and others.

The group includes four musicians and singers: Oleg Jerochinas (vocals, guitar), Filipas Gusev (guitar), Marius Oršauskas (drums) and Ieva Ščerbinskaitė (vocals, piano).

The piece Mėlyna mėlyna" captivates listeners with an engaging rhythm, warm poetry, mesmerizing chords of guitars. The song has won numerous awards: in 2020 the listeners of popular radio stations M-1 and  Lietus" recognized it as the best summer piece, it was nominated for M.A.M.A. music awards, and in the Golden Drop" competition, the group in the same year won the title Pop Music Artist of the Year". The above-mentioned song was viewed more than 16 million times for only two years, stunning result accumulated by Lithuanian fans and all around the world as Brazil, Italy, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, England, Norway, Belgium, and of course – our neighbors’ Latvian people.

Other pieces by SISTERS ON WIRE, also very beautiful and loved by listeners, are in the concert program and will be performed on stage.

Where is the key to the success of SISTERS ON WIRE? Professionalism and love for music, tenderness and openness, simplicity and exclusivity. And a lot of positivity, inspiring thoughts that respond to people's lives. Don't miss the coolest adventure of this summer: the SISTERS ON WIRE‘s concert in the green park of the Renavas manor surrounded by forests and rivers. Samogitian Manor Festival invites you!




Vairāk informācijas: http://www.klasikosdegustacija.lt/renginiai/

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